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Part Time Business For Fire Fighters

Posted on October 22, 2018 in Uncategorized

Are you a fire fighter and looking for a part time business to start? There are many potential businesses you could run considering the world schedule. Perhaps you should consider the cleaning business. But first let me thank you for your work as a first responder. You guys make it happen in that hour of need.

Since you are a fire fighter perhaps you have noticed fire hazards that need to be cleaned up such as in Restaurants. Perhaps you have seen grease build up that needs to come off of the vents and equipment? Restaurant cleaning can be a real tough row to hoe, but indeed there is lots of work if you are willing.

Maybe you have seen automotive shops with a similar problem. Pressure washing concrete, buildings and equipment can be a good business indeed. Recently, a gentleman in Rural Texas, who was a fire fighter, contacted me; he has a small business doing pressure washing. It provided him extra money and he was thinking in a couple of years he would like to do it full time instead of working for the department.

I had previously been to his area and had noticed that the truck stop nearby could use a truck wash area? I always stop in the 24-hour diner there, big serving sizes for weary truckers. Although I try to stay away from Truck Stop food I really like that place the people are nice there. Since so many truck drivers go there, perhaps he could expand his business to clean trucks. Have you ever considered cleaning trucks and equipment? Think on this in 2006.