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MMA News Website Includes Mixed Martial Arts Clothing Line for Combat Fighters and Fans

Posted on October 26, 2018 in Uncategorized

MMA News

Sources have reported that mixed martial arts is now the fastest growing sport in the world resulting in a MMA clothing boom. MMA fighters and fans have flocked to online and brick and mortar businesses to acquire their apparel and fight gear.

MMA clothing styles are a staple in society and readily visible while just shopping in a store or going about your daily errands. The trend has spread from MMA apparel like t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies and hats to fight gear and all kinds of accessories including gym bags, shoes, coffee cups, mousepads and more.

Mixed Martial Arts

Power, Endurance, Speed and Technique, the four attributes of a great mixed martial artist, are especially needed by today’s warriors because of the fierce competition. Every fighter is looking for an edge.

These four attributes are consistently mentioned by the fight commentators, in sports magazines and by the combat fighters themselves.

Occasionally a mixed martial artist is so overwhelming with one of the attributes that they win on just two skills. Usually, when winning this way, they have some or all of the other attributes but don’t have to use them very much. Good examples are sometime found in the heavyweight division where the power of the punch can carry the day with some technique to carry out the plan.

Vice-versa, technique with one of the other attributes has resulted in several victories. However, the skill set of today’s mixed martial artist is so varied and increasing all the time that usually all four attributes are needed to insure a better chance of success. Many combat fighters are so evenly matched in their Power, Speed and Technique that the one who has the best Endurance wins the match.


When watching your MMA news on video or TV notice when a combat fighter, who may have a slight edge, drops their hands from exhaustion. The warrior with better Endurance usually wins a contest when this happens.

The major combat fighting skills of a modern mixed martial artist usually includes most or all of the following disciplines.

  • Boxing
  • Jiu Jitsu
  • Karate
  • Muay Thai
  • Wrestling

The mixed martial arts world is exciting and ever evolving with fights broadcast in over one hundred countries. Whether you like to keep up with MMA news and events, do a study of your favorite combat fighters, see who is in the UFC Hall of Fame or check out a cool MMA clothing line it’s all in a simple online search.

Fun With Model Fighter Planes

Posted on October 24, 2018 in Uncategorized

Back when I was younger, I remember spending long Saturday afternoons in my basement putting various plastic models together. At that time I favored racecars and ships, and my bedroom was filled with the finished products. I eventually grew out of the hobby, but now that I have kids of my own, I’m slowly getting back into it. My sons love model fighter planes, so now our weekends are consumed with finding the perfect jet and working to put it together.

One of the best things about toy models is the process of building something. I can see the excitement in my boys’ eyes when they unravel the instructions (which they insist on referring to as “blueprints”) and lay all the pieces out side by side on the workbench. Then they take turns assembling the plane, carefully putting each piece in place and securing it with glue. It’s amazing to see model fighter planes slowly emerging in this fashion from the individual pieces, and the kids frequently stop to admire their progress. Finally, once the main assembly work is done, they decorate the aircraft with stickers or paint and prepare it for display.

Obviously, putting together model fighter planes is a terrific way to promote family bonding. Models are relatively cheap, and no other special equipment is required. All we need are a few basic supplies and a clean workspace, and we’re ready to go. Usually the boys argue and bicker as much as any other pair of young siblings, but when they put their heads together over one of these model fighter planes, they really take the principles of teamwork seriously. As a parent, this is wonderful to behold!

Another great thing about this particular hobby is that model fighter planes are very easy to find. There are a couple of hobby shops within reasonable driving distance, so we usually take a drive out to one or the other store on weekends to check out the selection. If we don’t see something we’re interested in, we can also purchase model fighter planes online from a number of discount websites that offer free shipping. The bottom line is there will never be a shortage of projects to work on.

And you might not think it, but putting together model fighter planes is an excellent way to take in a bit of history as well. Whenever possible, I try to read up about a specific plane before our weekend sessions, and then as they’re busy with the project, I’ll tell the boys what I’ve learned. Interesting discussions usually ensue, and we all come away having learned something new about Japanese Zero Fighters, Soviet Migs, or P51 Mustangs.

All I can say is I’m very pleased that my sons are enjoying these plastic models as much as I did when I was their age. Model fighter planes have provided my family with countless hours of fun and quality time together; maybe they can do the same for yours!

Part Time Business For Fire Fighters

Posted on October 22, 2018 in Uncategorized

Are you a fire fighter and looking for a part time business to start? There are many potential businesses you could run considering the world schedule. Perhaps you should consider the cleaning business. But first let me thank you for your work as a first responder. You guys make it happen in that hour of need.

Since you are a fire fighter perhaps you have noticed fire hazards that need to be cleaned up such as in Restaurants. Perhaps you have seen grease build up that needs to come off of the vents and equipment? Restaurant cleaning can be a real tough row to hoe, but indeed there is lots of work if you are willing.

Maybe you have seen automotive shops with a similar problem. Pressure washing concrete, buildings and equipment can be a good business indeed. Recently, a gentleman in Rural Texas, who was a fire fighter, contacted me; he has a small business doing pressure washing. It provided him extra money and he was thinking in a couple of years he would like to do it full time instead of working for the department.

I had previously been to his area and had noticed that the truck stop nearby could use a truck wash area? I always stop in the 24-hour diner there, big serving sizes for weary truckers. Although I try to stay away from Truck Stop food I really like that place the people are nice there. Since so many truck drivers go there, perhaps he could expand his business to clean trucks. Have you ever considered cleaning trucks and equipment? Think on this in 2006.